The Best Greek Food I have ever had in Turin

Greek food may be one of the best cuisines in the whole world. Finding the right Greek place to eat is difficult, but this may be the best in Turin, and also in the whole Italy.

5 reasons why you should visit Turin

Turin is not among the most visited cities in Italy. Rome,  Pisa or Firenze are better known all over the world as the most important spots in Italy.

Italy #20 Life is made by the decisions we take

Today I took a very important decision for me. Since I was quite young I struggled taking decisions. I had always doubts on taking A instead of B. Even sometimes I changed my decisions because I am such a person that after deciding for A, I start regretting about it and I think B was better….

Italy #14 In Turin, believing is the only way

During these last days, I have realised there is always have to be a tough start, so it is worth it. Italy: Turin, as well as Bologna before, has made me give my best. Being tired, stressed and annoyed there were some days when I had to force myself to give my best. First I…

My 2016

Now that we are on 2017, it is good to take a look back and see how the last year was: the good things and the bad things. For me, it has been the most intense year of my life. This photo sums up exactly how it was. I travelled a lot: I took lots…

Italy #10 Christmas is here :)

This last week has been all about work. It has been very intense. From the very first moment I felt I was learning more than what I learned during my four last years in uni. My colleagues are very friendly and willing to help me. I am the youngest one and since I sat in…