10 Reasons Why You Should Once Visit MENORCA

Did you know Menorca existed? I am pretty sure most of you didn’t. You may have heard about Mallorca or Ibiza, right? So here you have 10 reasons to try the unknown Menorca!

6th January

Maybe you are reading this, and today it’s not a special day for you or for your family. But for me, it is, even if I am not at home. 6th January is special for me because today the “Three Wise Man” (Tres Reis Mags, in Catalan) would come home and bring me some gifts….

My 2016

Now that we are on 2017, it is good to take a look back and see how the last year was: the good things and the bad things. For me, it has been the most intense year of my life. This photo sums up exactly how it was. I travelled a lot: I took lots…

Christmas costs 280€, or more

I just bought the tickets to get back home for Christmas. and it’s always the same. Always. Every year when you need to go home because you live far from your family and friends you have to pay much more. Airlines know everybody wants to go home for Christmas, so prices are so high. I want…