Cinque Terre: One day – 35€

I start my daily trip to Cinque Terre in Genova.

Before anything, I want to buy something to spend the day, something to eat and have energy. That’s why I buy 4 pieces of Focaccia, which costs me 4€. They are big enough to spend the whole day. However, I buy some fruit. Having this, I also bring a bottle of water: 0.5€. And then, off I go to the train station.

Genova Stazione Brignole su Guida di Genova

  • From Genova Brignole, I take a train straight to Monterosso al Mare9€

I arrive in Monterosso al Mare, which is the first from the 5 “Cinque Terre”. At first sight, it looks like a little village, but getting lost in the little streets, I see it’s bigger than I thought.

  • In 5 Terre there are two ways to visit the cities:
  1. Taking the train to one city to another
    1. Daily ticket: 16€
    2. Single ticket: 4€
  2. Walking: 7.5€ (This is the way I took)
  3. Having your own car (Parking is quite expensive)

I should warn you that “Via del Amore” is closed until 2019. This means, you need to take a more “interior” path, which is quite tough. There are lots of ramps and stairs going up and down. You need to be a little bit trained.

Monterosso al Mare - The Nura Adventure

From Monterroso al Mare to Vernazza will take you 2 hours more or less.

  • Vernazza: it may be the most famous of the 5 Terre. There is a beautiful square right in the middle. However, it is the most touristic one.

Vernazza The Nura Adventure

From Vernazza to Corniglia will take you 1 hour and 20 minutes more or less

  • Corniglia: In my opinion, the most beautiful and unique one. If you can, you should try a Gelato in one of the ice-cream shops next to the “Cinque Terre Info Point”. The gelato will cost you 2.5€

Corniglia - The Nura Adventure

Right at that moment, I decided to come back, since I had my train to Genova Brignole at 18.55. For this reason, I walked all the way back to Monterosso al Mare. But you can always decide to walk further and also visit Manarola and Riomaggiore.

You have to visit all the 5 villages in one day. But think that will take you about 6 or 7 hours walking, which is quite a lot.

Anyway, with my train ticket back to Genova Brignole, I spend 8.5€.

To sum up:

  • 4€ for the focaccia
  • 0.5€ for the bottle of water + you can refill it in each village (the are fountains all over)
  • 1€ for the fruit
  • 9€ Genova – Monterosso al Mare
  • 7.5€ Walking daily ticket
  • 2.5€ Gelato
  • 8.5€ Ticket from Monterosso al Mare to Genova Brignole
  • 2€ To buy 2 postcards




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