5 Apps to Travel more for less

Travelling is nowadays a hobby for lots of people. Travelling has never been so easy as it is today. However, with so many options in front of us to move around the world, there are some tips and apps that will help us go further for less money.

1. Couchsurfing

This app is a social network where you can meet people from the cities and places you visit. Apart from that, there will be people who will let you sleep on their couch for free. It’s not about not paying, it’s about meeting people, discovering new cultures and so on.


2. Blablacar

To move from one place to another can be quite expensive if you don’t find the right offers. Trains, flights or buses can cost you a lot if you don’t book the tickets with enough time. That is why you need to know Blablacar. This online platform will help you to share a ride with other people. Drivers like you who are moving around the world will drive you where you want to go for a very much cheaper prize than train or flights.


3. HolidayPirates

Here you will find the last minute offer and free last minute seats for flights all over the world. Thanks to Holiday Pirates you will be able to fly all over the Ocean to America, for example, for less than 200€, which is really cheap. Take a look, you won’t find so cheap flights anywhere else.


4. Duolingo

Wherever you go, you should speak at least the basic conversation sentences. For that, you will need Duolingo. This app for learning a new app will help you to have a basis on the everyday conversational sentences in the street, in a market, in the hospital, and so on.


5. Soulver

Let’s face it. Every time we travel we spend more than we expected. That’s why we need an app like Soulver, which keeps track of what we are spending and makes sure you don’t run out of money before you wanted. Quite recommendable 😉



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  1. i did not know Soulver 😉 good idea!


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