The Best Greek Food I have ever had in Turin

Finding a good Greek place to eat in Italy hasn’t been an easy way. You never know if you choose the right place, even if the reviews on Tripadvisor or Google Maps are good. Right at the moment when you leave the place after eating, you realise and know exactly why the reviews were good, or bad.

Finding the best Greek place to eat was quite challenging, but I found the best one in Italy. It is not the biggest one, it is not the cheapest one, but for me, it is the cosiest one, and here there is why:

  • The place is very small, but that makes it more unique and special. When is full, there are 10 people sitting, so it is not a crowded place so you can enjoy more the food.
  • Food is really tasty and made with fresh local products. I tried the “Feta al Forno”, and it was a “boom” in my mouth. Well cooked, with the right spices and just as salty as I like it.
  • The owner is very friendly. In this Greek gastronomy place, you will only find him. He is the only staff working there. He cooks the food and he serves it to you, which is awesome because you can ask him how he cooked it, what he used and so on.
  • There is Greek music playing all the time. In my opinion, Greek food is one of the best cuisines, if not the best, in the world, but if you have the right atmosphere to eat it, it’s even better. That is exactly what the Greek music does.
  • You won’t spend much in this restaurant. My girlfriend and I paid 24€ eating first and main dish, as well as dessert, including water and bread. And I ate a lot.
  • I recommend you to try: Tzatziki, Fulled Tomatoes and Baklava (as dessert)

If you are convinced, this is the place I was talking to Great Gastronomy Greca, in Turin. 

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