The Most Used and Useful Pick-Up Lines in Italian

Italians know how to flirt well. Here there are 5 sentences to flirt in the right Italian way.

1. Posso offrirti una bevanda calda per sciogliere il ghiaccio?

“Can I offer you a drink to mel the ice?” That simple. Straight to the point, without losing time at all.

2. Sei un angolo di 90°? Perché in te vedo un angolo di cielo

“Un angolo di cielo” means that somebody is very beautiful and unique. Italians are quite sofisticated when trying to flirt both with buys and girls.

3. Mi sono perso. Mi diresti dove abiti tu?”

“I am lost, could you tell me where you live?” That is quite normal being in a big city, right ;)?

4. Distinguiti dalla massa, dimmi di si

Not everybody says “Yes”, when asking to go out. Why not be different from everybody else and say “yes”?

5. Ma sai che la tua voce e bellissima?

Italians can give a compliment about almost everything: The eyes, the face, the hair, the ears, the voice, the feet, the chest, the legs, everything! Even the way somebody sneezes.

6. Complimenti alla mamma, sei fantastica!

“Thank your mum, you are beautiful”. Without the mother, there wouldn’t be us! So let’s thank the mother or the father 😉

7. Tuo padre farà di sicuro il pasticcere …guarda che paio di bomboloni!

Well, when the Italians give compliments, they also talk about the boobs. “Your father must be a pastry chef, take a look at that pair of doughnuts (referring to the boobs). Very accurate… right?

8. Ciao, Bella/Bello!

That’s, in my opinion, the easiest and beautiful of all the sentences in the list. The word “Bella” is in itself bella. It sounds nice, it has a very sweet melody.

9. Scusami, mi ero perso nei tuoi occhi

“Sorry, I got lost in your eyes”. When somebody has beautiful eyes, he or she is already good-looking. Eyes are the centre of what we watch talking to somebody, right?

10. Ti sei fatta male cadendo dal cielo?

“Did you get hurt, when you fell from the sky?” At least, saying this one the person in front of us will smile, even if it doesn’t work.

Did you know any of these “10 things about Italy that will Shock you!


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