10 Reasons Why You Should Once Visit MENORCA

Have you ever heard of it? Maybe not. It may sound very similar to Mallorca, and I am pretty sure you know Mallorca and Ibiza, the other two Balearic Islands. However, Menorca is one of the most beautiful and unique islands in the world. There are plenty of nooks and corners that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nevertheless, every year there are more and more people coming to Menorca. Its uniqueness must remain untouchable if we still want to enjoy this little paradise. So here there are 10 reasons why you should once come to Menorca.

1. The color of the water

Menorca is just not an island, it is a little paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Everybody knows the most crystal water you will ever find is in the Caribbean Sea, in Greece or in Jamaica, but that is because you haven’t still seen the water of Menorca. Menorca has some of the best beaches in the world. However, it will always remain this transparent if people (mainly tourists) don’t mess this up. So if you ever come to Menorca, leave it as clean as you can 😉


2. Menorca is small but compact

Menorca is a very small island. From one side to the other will take you about 40 minutes by car, which is great. You can reach any point of the island within a couple of hours (some roads are not very car-friendly). This means that you won’t see yourself travelling a lot once you are there, which is good 🙂


3. Mediterranean Cuisine

Everybody knows that Italian, Greek or French cuisines are the best and most recommendable in the world, but not everybody knows that the Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest ones. As an island, Menorca can offer a great variety of fresh fish, meat and vegetables, as well as wine and fruit. You should once try “Caldereta de Llagosta“, a seafood soup or “Oliaigua“, a soup made with tomatoes and vegetables.

Caldereta Menorca

4. Camí de Cavalls

You may not know that Menorca has an awesome and unique natural path that rounds the whole island on the coast. Whatever it is what you like to do: jogging, walking, riding your bike, riding a horse, you will always find the most beautiful places on the island going along this path. The good thing is: it is not very touristy so you will find yourself alone in the most lost places of the island.

Nura Kepens - Menorca - Camí de Cavalls
Great view the beach “Es Grau”

5. The traditional local festivities of Menorca

Believe it or not, in Menorca you will find a unique local festivity with horses. Nowhere else in the world will you find this? No. The “Jaleos”, as they are called in Catalan and Spanish, consist in a music festival with a band playing and horses (with a guide on it) jumping across the people. People will touch the horses so that they can stay longer in the air. Horses normally jump with the from two front paws.

Sant Llorenç Menorca
“Jaleo” of “Sant Llorenç”, the traditional festivity of Alaior, third biggest town of the island

6. Menorca as a World Heritage

Apart from all the beautiful, unique and awesome beaches Menorca has, the island is full of nature, biodiversity, animals, trees, fauna and flora. If you enjoy the green and clean landscapes, Menorca will positively surprise you.

Albufera d'es grau Menorca

You should visit at least “Albufera d’Es Grau“, one of the greatest green areas of the island, and “Prat de Son Bou“, a huge green field. Menorca has been chosen to be part of the World Heritage for all this nature and green areas.

7. Menorca is peaceful and relaxing

Once you arrive in Menorca, you soon realise that time works differently on the island. There are no hurries. Everything is near so you can enjoy more any place you want to visit. Being on the island is a synonym of being relaxed and enjoying the silence and the peace. Luckily there are no big roads and there is not a lot of traffic, which makes the island very quiet.

Port de Maó Menorca

8. Menorcans

People from Menorca are open-minded. And there is a reason why. Through history, Menorca has been conquered and reconquered by many nations (Romans, French, English, Africans, etc.), which has left a great linguistic mix, but also cultural. Menorcans are friendly and willing to help. Even if they don’t speak English, they will try to communicate with you. We are like the island: quiet 🙂

Menorcans - Menorca

Menorcans are quiet, friendly and willing to help. Even if they don’t speak English, they will try to communicate with you. There are like the island: quiet and sunny 🙂

9. Talayotic heritage

As you will see there are many Talayotic remains all over the island. In the past, Menorca was one of the most important places for Africa and Europe, since it is right in the middle from one to another. Talayotic culture dates back to the Iron Age. There are untouched remains that will make you realise how our ancestors used to live. You should visit “Torre d’en Galmes”, “Talatí the Dalt” and “Naveta d’es Tudons”, which are the most important Talayotic Remains.


Torre d'en Galmés Menorca.jpg
A part of the “Torre d’en Galmés” remains


10. Menorca is a scuba diving paradise

Its crystalline waters and all the rocks next to the coast make an awesome atmosphere to dive into the sea and be surrounded of all types by fishes and seagrasses. You don’t need to go to the Caribbean Sea or the New Zeeland to find what you will find in Menorca, a spectacular biodiversity.

Scuba Diving in Menorca

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  1. I love Menorca too!
    Wonderful place with wonderful sea and beaches.
    Can’t wait to be there this summer 😉


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