5 free places in Turin that you should visit once

You may have not heard the name “Turin” or “Torino” as one of the most important cities in Italy. Even if it was the capital of the country, not many tourists come by and visit this city. Its beautiful skyline with the Alps and La Mole make you realise that there is a lot of history and essence around. Here I show you the 5 most beautiful, different and original places you should visit once in Turin.

1. The River Po

Believing or not, Turin has a huge river that crosses the city, the River Po. It goes all along the city, from the South to the North. I had never seen such a big river like the Po in Turin. Why should you visit it? Because there is always going on next to it: street musicians, people running, people reading, bikers, etc. There is always something or someone.

Turin River Po.jpg

Right next to it, you will find the Parco del Valentino, which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful park in the city.

2. La Superga

To have the best of the views of the city, you should come here. La Superga is a church on the top of the closest mountain. There are three ways to come up here: Walking (it will take you 2h from the bottom, but the path goes through nature and it is beautiful), by bus (with a signal bus ticket) or by a zipper.

La Superga Turin.jpg

I would recommend you the last one, it’s funnier. La Superga is also famous because there was once a plane accident, in which most of the football players of Torino Football club died. It’s worth to visit it.

3. Market of Porta Palazzo

In Turin, there is the biggest open air market in Europe. You will find it in the Piazza della Republica, one of the biggest squares of the city. You will find almost everything in this market: food, fruit, clothes, souvenirs, animals, furniture, cars, bikes and whatever you can imagine.

Turin Porta Palazzo.jpg

What’s good is that everything or almost everything in this market is cheap, much more than the supermarkets and shopping malls. The atmosphere is different, there is a frenetic rhythm all over and there are really good merchants. It’s worth to get lost inside this market, but watch out your pockets 😉

4. Monte dei Cappuccini

You will find this little hill on the east part of the River Po. It is not a very big hill so you will get to the top in less than 10 minutes. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have a beautiful view, quite the opposite. The view from here is amazing. Even more when the sun goes down: there is a great light (if it’s sunny) in the city, and you will see the Alps with the Mole and with all the city shining. It’s a very romantic place.

Monte dei Cappuccini Turin.jpg

On the top there is a beautiful church, it’s worth to visit!

5. The biggest Eataly of Italy.

Do you know Eataly? If not, I’ll briefly explain it to you: Eataly is a gourmet Italian supermarket and shopping wall, where you can fins the best of Italian gastronomy all over: cheese, jam, fruit, vegetables, chocolates, etc.

Eataly Turin.jpg

The best of the best. Italian cuisine is already known to be one of the bests of the world, so if you want to find the best of this cuisine, you should come here.

You will find it in: Via Nizza 230/14.

After having visited these 5 free places in Turin, you will realise Turin is more than Juventus or FIAT. Turin is not only the capital of the Piemonte but also one of the most attractive cities of Italy.


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  1. Kepens says:

    @flowerbeesite If you go there, you shouldn’t bring much stuff with you, and you should have your Money in a safe place (Y)


  2. I love the market in piazza della Repubblica too! Everyone shouldis once go there 😉

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