5 things you didn’t know about Italy and will upset you

In life, there is always a good and a bad part of everything. And Italy is not an exception. If you thought Italy was all about “Dolce Vitta”, living well and having no worries at all, you are wrong.  So here I present you the 5 reasons why you will hate Italy

1. There is no silence

Silence is not an included word in the Italian dictionary. Italians are noisy, very noisy. When they talk, they shout. They think talking louder is the way to communicate better, which is not. And it’s not only about talking loud, it’s also about how they drive. Due to their crazy way of driving, they normally buzz all the times. Even in the morning at 6. They don’t care if somebody else is sleeping.


2. They drive crazily

After having lived in Barcelona, I thought no other cities would be as chaotic as Barcelona. I was so wrong. I thought Barcelona was crazy to drive my bike.

Now, that I’m in Italy, I realise Barcelona was a paradise comparing to this. Italians drive crazily, dangerously and recklessly. I don’t understand, why there are not so many accidents because there are lots of “almost-accidents” every minute.

Even when crossing the street, even if the lights are red for them, they will just skip them, and you have to jump in the middle of the road and make them stop.

Italia Kepens Nura

3. Italy is very dirty

Walking around cities like Milan, Florence, Turin or Genova, I have realised that there is a lot of trash outside. Close to the River Po, in Turin, there are normally lots of garbage that are not removed from there.

italia sporca

I’ve also been told that Rome, the capital of Italy, is even dirtier. There are dog shits all over. And sometimes I’ve been starting to the dog’s bosses, while they are taking a shit, and don’t even care.

4. Streets are bad

This is one of the worst things of Italy. When I ride my bike around, there are holes everywhere. When I travel by bus, it’s worse than having turbulences in the plane: there are slopes everywhere.

kepens Street road

It is actually dangerous because if you mix the bad quality of the streets plus how bad they drive, that’s a terrible situation.Even though, I hardly see accidents on the streets. They are used to live in the chaos, I have to say.

5. Slow, so slow

Everything in Italy takes time.

When I came back from a weekend in London, in the airport, just when we arrived, we (me and other passengers) were asked to show our ID (since we travelled from England). We were about 200 people. The police officers started talking about football while we were waiting. So, for them, it was more important what Milan or Juventus had done than attending us.

Slow Kepens Nura

And this is just an example. When I go to the supermarket, I normally find the cashier talking to a frequent customer about their weekend, while 20 people are waiting to be attended. And they don’t care. It’s more important to talk rather than attending people or not making people wait.

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