5 reasons why you should visit Turin

Turin is not among the most visited cities in Italy. Rome,  Pisa or Firenze are better known all over the world as the most important spots in Italy.

But Italy is much more than that. It is like if I say Spain is only Barcelona and Madrid. Hell no! Have you ever visited Valencia, Granada, Bilbao..? You should. So here are 5 reasons why you should visit Turin at least once:

1. The Alps are right there

There is this amazing panoramic where you can see the city and these beautiful mountains. For me, it is kind of magic. It feels like the mountains are just right next to the city. In fact, they are a couple of hours far from Turin, but who doesn’t like to see that?

Turin March Kepens

2. Big and wide streets

If you didn’t know it, Turin was used to be the capital of Italy, before Rome. That’s why there are very long and wide roads, which give a lot of light to the city. You can always see the sky, as well as you don’t feel claustrophobic at all.


3. The River Po

Coming from a place where you have the sea (like me in Menorca), it is enjoyable when you have some “kind of sea” next to you. That is the river Po. It crosses the whole city and next to it there is the Parco Valentino, which is a great place to chill and relax. In my opinion, when there is a river in a city, it is twice better.

Po River Kepens Nura

4. A lovely aperitivo

When you think about Italian food, you may say pizza, pasta and gelato? Yes, these are the most famous and best kinds of Italian food. But in Turin the aperitivo was born. Do you know what is it? Before dinner, you can go to any bar and when you order a drink, let’s say you order the most Italian drinks: spritz or negroni, there is a food buffet, and you can eat as much as you want.

The aperitivo normally consists of finger food and Italian food (pasta, pizza, etc).

AperitiVO Turin Kepens Nura

5. Vintage and majestic city

Walking around Turin you will notice that most of the shops, coffees, restaurants and stores have their own style, different from everything else you have seen. Turin remainds me of the “belle époche”, it is indeed a classic and very elegant city.

Italy / Coffeehouses

These are the 5 most beautiful and special things about the city. What do you think? Is that enough to come and visit Turin? Let me know on the comments section 😉


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