1 place, 8 countries

Every time I am forced to leave Menorca to build a better future, I realise how beautiful my home is, how magic it is, how unique it is. When I was younger I thought Menorca was a boring place, where nothing happened. But with time, you can comprehend, you will always belong to one place in the world called home. For me Menorca. For you, who knows. Whatever it is, take care of it.

It is amazing to see how many opinions there are in the world. For me, something can be amazing, and at the same time, for you, it can be awful. Horses for courses. There are millions of opinions, millions of minds, millions of thoughts. I wanted to ask some of my friends, who are not from Menorca, what do they think about Menorca. The questions I asked were the following:

a- When did you come to Menorca?                  b- Describe Menorca in 1 sentence

c- Which is the best memory in Menorca?     d- Would you like to come again? Why?

  1. Kyriakos Kalantaridis – Thessaloniki, Greece. 

a -I visited Menorca in June 2010             b- A very different and unique part of Spain

c- The best memory that I had was the hospitality of your family and the paella that we had all together

d- I would love to visit Menorca in order to experience one more time the hospitality of its people. And to visit all the beautiful landscapes

2. Pascal Reinhardt – Heiligenstadt, Germany

a – I came in April 2009 to Menorca             b-Smaller but more cultural brother of Mallorca
c-The people                                       d-I guess to see the people and whether it has changed


3. Lukas Kierkegaard – Vejle, Denmark

a – Time I visit Menorca was in 2015
b -Menorca has beautiful nature and water and is a wonderful place
c – I was surprised at how clean Menorca is. Menorca has the most beautiful sea water I have ever seen. The people I have met in Menorca are so nice and friendly. The energy in Menorca is so wonderful and the weather warm and the sea warmness is perfect. All that combined give me some unbelievable memories.
d – For sure I will come back because Menorca has everything I need for a perfect holiday!

4. Robert Grijsbach – Utrecht, Netherlands

a – Summer 2014                          b –  A small beautiful island of peace and warm people

c – The crazy typical party village party

d – Of course. To party with you!

Cales Coves.jpg

5. Carlotta Comite – Genova, Italy 

a – I came to Menorca the second week of August, in the week of Sant Llorenç.  It was the first time.
b – A virgin paradise
c –  When we kissed in Cales Coves in the cave while swimming
d – Surely I would like to come back

6. Yu Zhao, Shangai – China

a – I came to Menorca on the 24.12.2015 7 in the morning.

b – Menorca has a place in my heart.

c – Learning Catalan for 10 min in front of Pe’s Grandma’s home.

d – Of course. It’s the place you enjoy the sun and sea, it’s the place you find delicious Paella and also the best tomatoes, it is the place where my best friend and his family live.

7. Viktor Vadolia, London – England

a – I came to Menorca summer 2014

b – Menorca is massively underrated

c – Would probably be all the times we were together us 4.

d – I would love to come again becasuse I love the people, and the way the place is so relaxed and peaceful.

8. Louise Weible – Neuchatel, Switzerland

a – the 9th of July
 b – A natural well preserved beautiful small island
 c -Running along the cami de cavalls while watching the sun rise
d – Of course I’d like to come back because I haven’t had time to see everything I wanted to!
What a beautiful place we live in. A place called world, where people come, and people go. 


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