“Oh, I love Mallorca!”

Everywhere I go, it happens the same thing.

It happens in Germany, it happens in Italy, it happens everywhere.

When I talk to new people and I have to introduce myself, I normally say what is my name (people struggle a lot to say “Pere”), and I am normally asked if that is a real name. Yes, it is a real name. And I am not a fruit! (Pera/pere in Spanish and Italian are the names of the fruit pear).

After saying my name, I normally say how old I am and following this I normally say where I am from. And I say I am from Menorca. Menorca (in English, Minorca) is not very known in the world. People around the world normally know Ibiza (PARTY, PARTY PARTY PARTY, etc), they know Mallorca because Rafa Nadal is from Mallorca, but not Minorca.

Every time I say I am from Menorca, people usually react like “Oh, that’s a beautiful place, I love it! I was there once, and it’s amazing! Mallorca is so nice! You are very lucky to come from there!”, etc, etc, etc.

I am usually told: Oh yeah! Mallorca! That’s a beautiful place! A lot of parties, huh! 😀 Huh!???? I am not from MALLORCA. I am from Menorca! Me-nor-ca! I know it’s a bit difficult, but coming from a small island, I appreciate it when somebody who is not from Spain knows Menorca. Because I know Mallorca is a great place, but I can tell you, Menorca is greater.


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  1. Kepens says:

    Hey Sophia 🙂 Thanks for your comment. What a great surprise that you are coming to Menorca 🙂

    You chose the right place. The first time in Menorca is always special.

    I would recommend you two spots – Cala Presili and Cales Coves (two of the most beautiful places in Menorca).

    About the avarcas, you should go to es Migjorn and visit Mibo, a hand-made factory.
    Would you like to know something else :)?


  2. Alright Pere I will put your love to the test. I will be visiting Me-nor-ca with my sister mid to end of June. I will be staying in Cala Galdana. I am bringing my inflatable paddle board. So if you know of the best and beautiful paddle spots that would be appreciated (with caves and not many people etc). What parts of the island do you think people should see or what local cultural things do you think should be experienced? I would love to find someone who still makes avarcas, a farm that allows visitors to meet the animals and/or see the cheese making process, where to get the best Gin the island has to offer, the part of the island to see sunsets or sunrises (which is best ?). I am a photographer so in asking for these things I am also wanting to capture as well as experience them. Are any of the lighthouses worth the visit? What is the best way to get around the island to visit places and do they tend to be costly? I was thinking of renting a scooter for a couple visits aways from Cala Galdana. I am staying in Mahon for a the last couple days before I head home as well. Looking forward to hearing your wisdom! 🙂

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