My little adventure in Menorca #3

So the adventure doesn’t stop. You may think Menorca is a little island. Yes, it is. You may have heard sometimes that Menorca is flat. Yeah, those who say it, they haven’t been on this road called “Camí  de Cavalls” (Horses’ path). Cycling around the island has confirmed me, Menorca is not at all flat. There are no high mountains (the highest one is 360m high, called El Toro), but hills and slopes are everywhere. Really, everywhere.

Riding around Menorca feels like being on a rollercoaster: up, down, up, down. That’s why your legs can get very tired very easily. But that’s the funny part, as well. The Camí de Cavalls doesn’t want you to be relaxed anytime. You need to be focused all the time and you need all your strength and ability to not fall down.


After crossing a very touristic beach called “Cala Tirant”, and also very windy, I adventured myself to go ahead. The landscape in front of me was beautiful, and the better thing was that, after crossing such touristic beach, there were no tourists or people on the path “Camí de Cavalls”. As far as I’m concerned, the North Coast of Menorca is not very well known. The main touristic zones are located on the South of the Island. But I can tell you why: Tramuntana. This name references to the North Wind, and this wind is very picky.

Even if you are not very away from towns and civilisation, walking or coming on the Cami de Cavalls on the North Coast feels like you are alone in another world. That day was cloudy, but in Menorca, when it is cloudy, it’s also very hot and humid. And I could feel it. I was sweating awfully, but the water was my ally.


After sitting and relaxing a bit next to this little beach, I talked to a couple, a French couple and they were amazed at how beautiful this little beach was, and they couldn’t understand why it was not very full. I told them: in Menorca, it works like this, if you want to find a place for you, you can find, actually, you will find, only if you walk for it.

On my way to “Cavalleria”, my bike’s pedal broke because I hit a rock on the floor. Actually, the path is full of rocks and you may hit your pedals with these rocks. So at the end, I had to end the route with a broken pedal. When you don’t have something, like I did (when I didn’t have my pedal), is the time when you realise how useful it was. This is also about life: with people and moments. Try to enjoy those little moments that your routine gives you. A routine may be a bit boring sometimes, but it gives you some little moments you need to enjoy.


The sun was already hitting me too much, but I still had to cross Cavalleria (one of those beaches that in summer are normally very crowdy and in winter you can be there all alone). I was tired already, but I struggled to arrive in Binimel·là. My last stop for the day. I was exhausted, but really happy I did it. Without pushing yourself to your limits, you won’t improve.


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