My little adventure in Menorca #2

When you feel alone, and you need to tell somebody something or you need a bit of help of somebody, think, just once, that you may solve that. You may find an answer to that question, you may find a solution to that problem.

On my way from Favaritx (a beautiful lighthouse in the North of Menorca) to Arenal d’en Castell, one of the most known beaches in Menorca, I fell down riding my bike. And there was nobody looking after me, I had no battery on my phone, so I was there, alone. As you see in the pictures, it’s all nature. That’s beautiful. Even in a little island like Menorca you can get away from cars, people and humanization. It’s good to have these lonely moments without nobody, even if you need somebody to help you.

After being 20 minutes on the floor without being able to move, I decided I had no options, but do something. I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t. But there she was, my bike. I moved my bike a bit in order to push myself up and be able to stand up, and I got it! My knee was still bleeding, but sometimes our mind has to be stronger than our body. As somebody said once: when it rains, you only get wet; when you fall you just got hurt.

Afterwards, I drank a bit of water and I started to feel a bit better. I remember, when I was little, when I got hurt, I was given water and automatically felt much better (that’s because I wanted to feel better).

So I followed the path. img_20160803_191559

I left away all the big mountains and all the long slopes and I found a little paradise, as you see. I felt even better. But it was all psychologic, because my knee was hurting, my legs were very tired and it was very hot. It was fine. Sometimes we need to think something is going right, even if it’s not. We are the only ones who can make something good. We are our first and worst enemies. So we need to beat ourselves.

While the sun was going down I discovered new places that during my entire life I had never seen. Places that most tourists who come to Menorca don’t see. I felt glorious. Yeah, I know, I was not in the Niagara Falls, I was not in front of the Colosseum, I was not on the highest mountain. But I was in my little paradise.

My daily route was coming to an end. I was tired and wanted to have a shower and relax. Anyway, I still had to cycle about 20 km. That’s, at the same time, a beautiful thing about cycling: you can’t stop where you want, because once you go, you need to come back. This is like life: once you start a journey, you need to complete it.

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