My little adventure in Menorca #1

A few weeks ago I decided to go on a little adventure. I am sure you have always lived in a place, and you still don’t know some spots that surround you.  

This is what happened to me: I do live in Menorca, I study in Barcelona, but during the summers I move back to this island in the Mediterranean Sea. So, this summer I wanted to be a tourist of my place. 

I did well. I have to say I enjoy a lot riding my bike. A couple of years ago I threw myself into the “Camino de Santiago”, a beautiful road along the North Coast of Spain. After this one, I was sure I could complete well a virgin, natural road in Menorca called “Camí de Cavalls”, literally translated “Horses’ path”. It goes all along the coast of Menorca. It is possible to take by bike (like I did), by horse, or by walking. Well.. there are some sections of this road that are impossible to ride on. You need to get off your bike and walk. I actually didn’t know until I started it, yeah, “great” surprise. Great surprise because I thought it was going to be so easy and that I could ride my bike all the way… No! 

Before starting it, I thought I was well trained, I felt strong and fit… but during my time on this road, I realised I am not strong at all nor fit. 

Anyway, this road made me realise how beautiful my island is, how beautiful nature is, how amazing being alone when you have problems is. Yes. I said it. I do say this because during my little trip I had so many times when I needed help. I once was riding my bike and I fell because a goat just crossed the path I was riding. I got so surprised that I just fell. Well.. I started bleeding and my knees and my legs hurt quite a lot. But! There was nobody, it was in the middle of “nowhere”, and my mobile phone had no connection or signal. I sat on the floor for about 30m. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t ask anybody to help me. I was there all alone. What do you think I did? 

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